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Connected Kin, LLC.

 Education Consulting

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Our vision for education is that it can serve as a resource for our community that can broaden our horizons. We work together with all stakeholders to improve our lives in the near future and beyond. The Connected Kin community is a place where we can share ideas and strategies that will help us to succeed in the present, as well as what lies ahead. Our goal is to bring together families and schools through Connected Kin. Every connection we make makes the world a little smaller.

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Katherlene Milner Varo

Katherlene Milner Varo has spent most of her life in the classroom. Having been raised by educators, she has a passion for education that is unparalleled.


Upon receiving her Bachelor's degree in Early Childhood Education in 2012, she began her career as a Pre-K teacher. Over the course of her career, she has worked on a variety of educational levels, ranging from pre-kindergarten to collegiate. She earned a master's degree in school counseling in 2016.


After completing her degree, she went abroad to further her career. Her experience includes working in various school settings: private, charter, public, online, and international schools. She has worked with students from Brazil, China, South Korea, Ukraine, Russia, and many other countries.


Her work has impacted over 500 lives and she continues to work hard to ensure that our communities thrive and prepare for the future. 

Our Services

We are available to support our school stakeholders both in person and virtually. Our current services include:


One-to-one feedback on instructional practices, classroom management, planning, grading, and testing data.


Home learning support, schedule structure, social and emotional support, and much more.

School Leadership

Evaluation & feedback for teachers, professional development for school staff, data aggregation, etc.

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